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I have noticed that this group now has 39 members and 43 watchers but there is barely any content.

The idea is for this group to be dedicated to design which uses recently developed web technologies to their greatest extent.

The power of web apps is approaching that of native apps. Mobile and laptop processors are really fast, and it won't be long until WebGL is enabled by default on Mac and enabled in iOS Safari. We're almost at browser compatibility for developing super-fast GPU-guzzling imagery.

This group exists to collect resources and examples which aid the process, and to inspire, the creation of beautifully designed websites which exploit the availability of web browsers to provide great user experiences on almost every modern connected device.

That said, I don't have time to contribute to this group. If anyone is interested, reply to this and I'll make you an admin.

These are some of the related resources which I find very useful: - Makes scripting so much more manageable in browsers - Collection of very high quality vector format icons. - Three.js is a Javascript framework for 3d web development - I find Sketch 3 much better suited to designing for the web than Photoshop - Javascript framework for dynamic web applications. - The GLSL Sandbox is the easiest way to experiment with fragment shaders on a 2d plane. - a data-driven visualisation framework that seems to be quite scalable and flexible.

Start using HTML5 Now!

To add internet explorer support, just add this little snippet from…

EDIT: I edited this to not do the trick for IE9. Since the comment system has changed, and I can't be bothered learning it, just remove [remove this including the brackets].

<![remove this including the brackets]--[if lt IE 9]>

An example HTML5 page


    <article>Hello World</article>

Please suggest anything relevant to html5 to this group :)

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